Activism in April – What Can You Do?!

by kbuilder | April 26, 2023
Kingdom Builders Family Life Center (KBFLC) was founded in 2013 in Colorado Springs by Mrs. Lisa Jenkins, a long term victim advocate and case manager, and a survivor of domestic abuse. The organization’s mission is committed to changing the narrative of underserved individuals, families, and youth who have been impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking.
Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about Kingdom Builders Family Life Center in Colorado Springs, CO. We hope that you might come across one of our blog posts and it will hopefully be a message that you needed to hear at that moment, or a piece of education that you didn’t know, or maybe a story that you can relate to. If a certain blog hits home for you, we hope that you will share it with your network, you never know who else could benefit from this blog. Through this blog, we hope to Change the Narrative around Domestic Violence. 

Activism in April – What Can You Do?!

With both Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) & Child Abuse Prevention Month (CAPM) in April, there are tons of ways to show your activism. And just because we are getting to the end of April, doesn’t mean we can’t continue to push out awareness. As we continue throughout the year, there will be other issues that we will also want to raise awareness about. So, get your ideas flowing now, make plans and show your activism! Here is a list of 6 Ways to Show Activism in April and ALL YEAR AROUND!

6 Ways to Show Activism in April!

1. Make use of your social media                           


We all have access to a network of people. Use that network to show AWARENESS!!! You can do small posts every day or when it suits you to speak up about Sexual assault and/or Child Abuse. If you need some help, there are tons of prompts that you can use for both. If you are looking to share more about Sexual Assault Awareness Month, use their 30 days of Instagram! If you want to speak up about Child Abuse Prevention Month, use their social media toolkit. These links have great prompts from which you can get some great ideas. Don’t forget, this activism can show up year around. In fact, consider posting about Mental Health and Military Appreciation as we enter May.

2. Educate Yourself!

You are never too old to learn something new or more about something. Find an organization near you and see what training, webinars, or resources they have so that you can learn more about the topics that interest you. Education from different organizations can sometimes even be done remotely, especially if it is a webinar. So, if you know an organization that might not be near you, but you like, see what they offer education-wise, remotely. And don’t forget. Sometimes training and education come at a cost. If you can afford it, great, if not, there are still many free forms of education, you just have to look for them. Sometimes you can get lucky, and they may offer a scholarship! If you are lucky enough to live here in Colorado Springs, you can get more education from KBFLC every Wednesday this month with their Cake & Conversations meetings. Learn more about these meetings here.

3. Fundraising – Are you a people person?!

If you are someone with a wide network or someone who is just a big people person, fundraising might be for you! Fundraising requires knowing a lot of people and being comfortable talking and asking questions to a lot of people. If that is you, you might enjoy the goals and successes of a great fundraiser.

You don’t necessarily need a big event to fundraise either. However, if you are an events person, this would be a great activity for you! Find a cause, set a goal, reach out to your network and even to new people, and celebrate your win!

If you are looking for a great cause to help fundraise for, KBFLC is celebrating 10 years in Colorado Springs. We have a huge goal of raising $100,000 by the end of the year. See what our amazing founder and Executive Director, Lisa Jenkins, has to say about reaching this great milestone.

4. Make a Contribution! In-kind or Monetary Donations!

Speaking of fundraising, if that is not your thing, it is okay. However, you can still donate as an individual. Again, find a cause or an organization that is dear to your heart and find out what donations they are looking for. Of course, most organizations are looking for monetary donations, however, there may be a need for in-kind donations.

For example, KBFLC has different in-kind donation needs year around. They have a clothing pantry to help individuals that come through their doors. Some yearly items that are needed include men’s and boys’ clothing, socks, feminine hygiene products, and good-condition business professional clothing. Other in-kind donations might be snacks and drinks for different events and for kids that come through their doors, books, and toys, especially around the holidays, and technology. Another great form of in-kind donations might be for events and providing sound equipment, swag items, giveaway items, printing costs, promotional items, and more, so that the expense budget for an event will not be so high. You can find out how to donate to KBFLC here!

5. Create ART! Express yourself through creativity! 

That is right! Where are all our artistic folks!? Whether you express yourself best with art mediums, song or poetry, or maybe dance or acting. There is a place for arts when it comes to activism. So, share your point of view or even your experience when it comes to Sexual Assault or Child Abuse. Share your art with yourself, your friends and family or to the world! Whatever you are comfortable with. EXPRESS YOURSELF and different causes through ART!

6. Most Importantly – Volunteer with KBFLC! 

That’s right! Volunteering is an amazing way to show your activism, not only in April but year-round. In fact, volunteer with us here at KBFLC. If you are not local, find a local organization that is doing the work and see if volunteering with that organization makes sense for you!

Curious minds want to know. How have you shown your ACTIVISM this April?! Especially if it has to do with activism for Sexual Assault Awareness Month and/or Child Abuse Prevention Month. Be sure to tell us in the comment section below! 

Up next, look for our blog closing out the month of April and what we have in store for the month of May!

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