What in the Cakes & Conversations?!

by kbuilder | April 19, 2023

What in the Cakes & Conversations?!

Kingdom Builders Family Life Center (KBFLC) has been hosting an event called “Cakes & Conversations” for a few months now. The hope is that through this monthly event, community members can learn more about KBFLC and maybe even start to volunteer.

This month, in April, KBFLC will be hosting Cakes & Conversations EVERY SINGLE Wednesday to not only inform the community about KBFLC and volunteering, but also to help educate about Sexual Assault Awareness and Child Abuse Prevention.

We have done a short interview with Briana Geter, the Victim Services Director at KBFLC. We wanted to share more about the event, how it came to be and what they hope to gain from these events. Plus, some inside information on volunteering with KBFLC.

How did the idea around Cakes & Conversations come about?

“Our CEO/Founder wanted to provide a time where we open our doors to the community which allowed time to sit down and get any questions that they had answered directly from the CEO. She also wanted to use this time to introduce our staff to the community as well, so that they can know the advocates that are helping our guests as well.”

What a great idea! That is so great, I wish more Executive Directors would take the time to sit with community and really get to know people. It is super refreshing to hear!

So, what would you say is an important goal of this event in your eyes?

“The goal is to get Kingdom Builders name out to the community and allow us to tell who we are and what we do directly from the ones in the organization.”

Yes! I love this because so many MORE people in the community need to know about this wonderful organization!

Now, what can someone expect when they arrive to join in on Cakes & Conversations?

“They can expect to be greeted by all staff, provided the opportunity to talk with the CEO, get their questions answered, and if they are a community partner the availability to network with staff of kingdom builders. We are hoping to build bridges to collaborate on this day.”

That is fantastic! And KBFLC does such a good job collaborating and working with different nonprofits, organizations and businesses in the community already. I love that there is opportunity for even more collaboration to happen.

As great as collaboration is, volunteers are definitely needed. So, what do you think is an important need when it comes to volunteers for KBFLC?

“We need volunteer victim advocates, volunteers for the crisis line, and volunteers to assist in upcoming events!”

Those are such important tasks when it comes to KBFLC. If any of those volunteer duties sounds interesting to you, be sure to check out our blog next week as we dive a little more into what is needed from each of these volunteer opportunities.

And finally, definitely important. Why should someone volunteer with KBFLC?

“People should volunteer for KBFLC because we need help, you would be doing work that is impactful and you can be the difference that helps a person change their narrative.”

This is so true. You have the opportunity to really help firsthand, individuals who have been through so much. It takes a lot to ask for help. Be the difference in someone’s life by volunteering with KBFLC.

Plan to join the next Cakes & Conversations Wednesday, April 26 from 11 am to 1 pm. KBFLC offices are located inside of Satellite Hotel at 411 Lakewood Circle, Suite 200. We can’t wait to see you there! In fact, bring a friend who might be interested!!

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