December 13, 2023

Our Annual Report for 2023

Dear Kingdom Builder’s Family Life Center Community,

As we bid farewell to 2023, it is with great pride and excitement that we present our Annual Report, a comprehensive reflection of our collective achievements, milestones, and the impactful moments that defined this remarkable year. Your support and dedication have been instrumental in shaping the success stories we’re privileged to share.

Highlights from the Annual Report:

1. Community Impact:
Our collective efforts have fueled initiatives that made a tangible impact in Colorado Springs. From our Project Right Direction to our My Brother’s and Sister’s Keeper, your engagement has been a driving force for positive change.

2. Financial Milestones:
We’re delighted to report a 86% growth in our financial standing, demonstrating the sustainable and responsible management of the resources entrusted to us. Your contributions have directly fueled our ability to make a lasting difference.

3. Program Success Stories:
The heart of our organization lies in the success stories of those we serve. Read a testimony from a survivor, showcasing the real, transformative change your support has made possible.

“First, I would like to thank everyone who helped me and my son have a safe and healthy place before our trip home! Kingdom builders is an exceptional program and so are the people involved. My stay here at there safe house was beyond what I expected. They not only provided me and my son with a safe place but they took me and him to Walmart so I could get some grocery’s and whatever he needed. They are 100 percent about creating a safe environment for the people they help house. Once again I most directly would like to thank Mrs. Carole for helping me and my son. She is a wonderful woman, speaker, advice giver and her faith in Jesus is an inspiration! Thank you again kingdom builders for everything you are appreciated!” -A

4. Volunteer Recognition:
A special shout-out to our incredible volunteers. Your dedication and passion have been the backbone of Kingdom Builder’s Family Life Center, and we are grateful for the countless hours you’ve devoted to our shared vision.

Looking Forward:

While we celebrate the accomplishments of 2023, we also look ahead with anticipation. Our commitment to changing the narrative for underserved individuals, families, and youth remain steadfast, and we are excited about the opportunities and challenges that the coming year holds.

Thank you for being an integral part of Kingdom Builder’s Family Life Center. Here’s to a brighter future!

Warm regards,

Gabrielle Jenkins
Office Manager
Kingdom Builder’s Family Life Center

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