Project Right Direction Violence Prevention Program

Welcome to Project Right Direction

At Project Right Direction, we are dedicated to empowering the next generation to emerge as leaders in their homes and communities. Our programs are tailored to support youth and young adults on their journey toward embracing their true potential and becoming the best versions of themselves, both inside and out. Our overarching goal is violence prevention and interruption, and we achieve this through various impactful programs.

Community-Based Mentoring and Educational (CBME) Program:
Our CBME program focuses on leadership development, inspiring young minds to envision themselves as leaders and actively step into those roles. Through personalized mentoring, educational opportunities, and supportive services, we empower youth aged 7-17 to make informed decisions, develop crucial life skills, and confidently navigate challenges. Our Friday Night Sessions offer a safe space for youth to engage in dinner, incentives, life skills training, psychoeducational components, and healing arts sessions, covering topics such as self-care, consent, and healthy relationships. We also organize free monthly field trips for enrolled participants.

Young Adults (18-24):
The KBFLC’s Empowerment Program provides guidance and support for young adults aged 18 to 24 as they transition into adulthood, assisting them in achieving academic and employment success.

New Beginnings (7-17):
Our New Beginnings program offers specialized diversion services for individuals aged 7 to 17 who are in the early stages of involvement in the juvenile justice or corrections systems. Through tailored support and intervention strategies, we aim to divert these individuals from further participation in the justice system and provide them with a chance for a fresh start and a new beginning.

School Partnerships:
We extend our leadership and psychoeducation skills, incentives, and more to schools through our in-school programs. Our team goes inside schools to teach vital topics and empower students with essential life skills.

Summer Camp:
Our summer camp offers a fun and enriching environment for youth during the summer months. Participants engage in outdoor adventures, arts and crafts, team-building exercises, and educational workshops, fostering personal and academic growth while creating lasting memories.

Additional Services:
In addition to our core programs, we offer a range of services including training sessions, mentoring programs, and more. These services are designed to further support and empower youth in reaching their full potential.

Please note that all sessions require active enrollment in our program.

If you’re interested in partnering with Project Right Direction or learning more about our additional services, please reach out to us. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate and make a positive impact together.

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