“My Brothers’ Keeper” & “My Sisters’ Keeper”.
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Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Human Trafficking Education & Support Program

Our program is designed to reduce the traumatic impact of victimization by providing comprehensive, trauma-informed services to those who have been victimized, as well as individuals who have been directly affected by domestic violence, sexual assault & human trafficking.

We Offer:

  • Advocacy/Case Management Services
  • Counseling
  • Life Skills Training Classes
  • A 24/7 Crisis Hotline
  • A Twelve-Week Family, Life, and Employment Readiness Training Program
  • Referrals to Community Resources
  • Emergency/Safe housing
  • Any other healing services as needed

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Family, Life & Employment Readiness Training Program

Program participants who have enrolled in our My Brothers & Sisters Keeper Domestic violence program who are not employed or underemployed would be eligible to apply to enroll in this program. Program staff will work with them to identify their experiences and aspirations and develop an individual career plan designed to enhance personal and professional growth.This is a 12-week program and participants will attend the training M-F from 9-1 pm and will receive an attendance and participation stipend monthly. There are 3 focus areas:

  • Family, Health, and Wellness section will address a wide range of training such as violence prevention, parenting leadership, healthy living and so much more.
  • Life skills training sessions that will provide soft and hard skills to help participants maintain a positive outlook and build successful workplace relationships.
  • Job Readiness training portion will help participants understand workplace etiquette and employer expectations. Participants also learn how to conduct an effective job search and develop the skills required in their respective career fields.

This program component was designed to give those accepted the time and tools they need to start addressing and eventually heal from their past traumas and able to start navigating through life. We realize that 12 weeks is not enough time to erase all the trauma experienced, but it is a great start.

Our training program aims to change participants’ attitudes toward their family, life, employment, authority, culture, and peers, enabling them to start thriving. Participants who are selected for this program will be provided a weekly stipend to assist monetarily while learning valuable tools.

We are currently enrolling for our sessions. Limited slots are available and you must be registered and accepted before you can attend.