Safe House & Extended Stay Housing Program

Kingdom Builder’s Family Life Center now provides safe and secure emergency housing for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking.

Adults who need emergency housing first call the crisis line and talk with an advocate. The advocate will assess their situation, and if space is available, assist the caller to come into the shelter. Necessities are provided by the shelter program, including bedding, food, personal hygiene items, and basic medical care.

Safehouse residents must actively participate in all program activities to include counseling. Each resident will work with their advocate to develop a plan of action that may include legal concerns, safety planning, housing referrals, employment assistance or job training referrals. Advocates are familiar with resources in the Colorado Springs area and can act as liaisons to other organizations.

Our children’s program will provide children with individual and group support. We will partner with daycare providers and local schools to provide respite care and/or short-term childcare while parents are looking for employment and pursuing other services they have identified in their success plan. We partner with other programs and services to support children and youth while they are actively participating in the program. The amount of time a child will receive this service is on a case-by-case basis and must be approved prior to service be administered.  We serve both girls and boys up to age 18.

The length of stay in our emergency housing program is determined by the active participation in our program services and working with an assigned advocate.

KBFLC Extended Stay Program is open to current emergency housing residents only, who are out of the initial crisis but require additional time, between one to three months, to pursue affordable housing, employment, childcare, and other resources essential to establishing stability. Scattered-site houses will offer families privacy and independence as they work on their self-identified goals and continue to heal from the trauma of abuse.

If you are interested in an application, please take the first step and answer a quick Pre-Screening Questionnaire.

  • Pre-Screening Questions For Housing

    These questions are being asked because we have limited space in our safehouse and unfortunately, we are not able to accept everyone in our housing program. If we are unable to house you, we will assist you as much as possible to find alternative housing options. If enrolled in our Domestic violence program, we can provide other support services and offer other options to ensure that you are safe.

    If we can potentially provide you space in the Safehouse, we will contact you with the full application form.

    If you are in crisis and need immediate assistance, please call our 24/7 crisis line: 719-464-4647. If you are not in immediate crisis, but would like more assistance, please call our office during office hours, M-F 9 am to 5 pm MST at 719-247-8190.

  • Please provide a SAFE email that we can reach out to you on. If there is not a safe email, just let us know below. If you do NOT have access to check email at all times of day, let us know when you might be able to check your email again.
  • Please provide a SAFE number that we an call. If it is not a number directly to you, please let us know who we may be speaking with. You can provide more than 1 number if you are not sure where or who you might be with. If you do NOT have a safe number or email address, we highly recommend that you call us IMMEDIATELY after filling out this form. If it is M-F 9-5, please call 719-247-8190 or if it is after hours, please call the crisis line at 719-464-4647.

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