My Brothers and Sisters Keeper Domestic Violence Program

My Brothers and Sisters Keeper DV Program specializes in working with Victims / Survivors of intimate partner Domestic Violence. Using a 12-session model , you will engage with us weekly or biweekly to address the barriers that may hinder your success and celebrate your accomplishments as we work together on your individualized success plan.

We will do this through education, including  :

  1. Basic Rights & Victims Rights Act
  2. DV Dynamics and Trauma
  3. Addressing DV in the family dynamics
  4. Assertiveness and Boundary Setting
  5. What healthy and unhealthy relationships look like
  6. Loving on yourself

We also offer Supportive Services; services can include but are not limited to :

  • financial assistance,
  • relocation assistance
  • rental assistance
  • utility assistance,
  • healing activities,
  • Mentorship
  • Economic empowerment program

* and many others are tailored to your situation and success plan.

Supportive Services are dependent on funding availability and engagement within the program . other terms may apply. 

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